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VAT UK / Great Britain

UK / Great Britain VAT Return / VAT compliance

How often is a UK VAT return filed?

Newly registered companies are registered as quarterly VAT payers. Upon registration, they are included in the quarter that is governed by the date of registration. The quarter therefore does not correspond to the classic one (January to March, April to May, etc.), but begins with the month indicated on the registration document. so it is possible that your first quarter (quarter) starts in February and ends in April).

The quarterly VAT return must be sent to  1 month and 7 days after the end of the quarter. For example: For the quarter February to April, it is necessary to submit the return by June 7

Is there anything else to file in addition to the VAT return?

The EC Sales list is no longer required after Brexit

What documents are needed to process a VAT return in the UK / Great Britain?

Invoices received from UK suppliers

Invoices or documents for goods moved from another country to the UK if delayed accounting or a C79 certificate was used

Issued invoices - SMEVision works with documents in CSV, xls files, Amazon Sales list is sufficient for sellers on Amazon.

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