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Accounting for Czech companies and self-employed

We provide comprehensive accounting services for self-employed persons, Czech companies and foreign companies (including organizational units) registered in the Czech Republic.

We will keep tax records for self-employed persons.

We do the accounting so that it saves you time and gives you the data you need for your business. We prefer using new technologies rather than doing things manually.

So how do we work?


  • we will import them from your current program. We import in XML format, from services such as,, from standard e-shop solutions such as, but we also import from Amazon Tax report for clients who sell through Amazon. If your invoice program can't export into Pohoda, we will arrange the data conversion.

  • we will enter the invoices  based on  your documents 

  • you can also enter them directly in the accounting program

HOW CAN YOU SEND US YOUR DOCUMENTS (received invoices, cash receipts, etc.)?

  • we prefer to work with scanned documents

  • if you'd rather send them by mail or bring them in person, we are ok with that.


  • we will represent you at the tax office, social security administration or health insurance company on the basis of the power of attorney (POA).

  • all reports, tax returns, VAT returns, etc. will be sent from our certified email


  • we keep an eye on every deadline. You don't have to worry about forgetting to pay an income tax advance, road tax or any other tax


  • you will receive monthly data from us about how your company is performing

  • if you don't understand or like the income and loss statement? We will give you the data in a simpler form.


  • our clients have 15 minutes of consultancy included in the monthly fee

  • if we see the possibility to reduce your costs and improve cash flow, we will inform you

  • we will advise you on what to do to optimize your taxes


  • do you do business abroad or do you have an e-shop that also sells to clients abroad?

  • we like foreign trade, we are experienced in accounting for trade within and outside the EU

  • we will advise you when and under what conditions it is good or even necessary to register for VAT abroad

  • we will let you know in which country will Amazon require VAT registration

  • we will register you for VAT abroad and submit your monthly or quarterly VAT returns, more information HERE

Want to know more?

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