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VAT Germany

VAT return in Germany

How often is a VAT return filed in Germany?

Newly registered companies and companies with a turnover of up to EUR 7,500 submit a quarterly VAT return.

Companies that exceeded the limit of EUR 7,500 last year file a monthly VAT return.

Monthly and quarterly returns must be sent by the 10th of the following month (can be extended by one month)


In Germany, the annual VAT return is also submitted by May 31 of the following year.

Is there anything else to file in addition to the VAT return?

Yes, if you exported goods to another EU country in the given month or quarter, you also need to submit EC Sales list

What documents are needed for processing a VAT return in Germany?

Invoices received from suppliers

Invoices or documents for goods moved from another EU country to Germany (for example, if you are sending from your production warehouse to a warehouse in Germany)

Issued invoices - SMEVision works with documents in CSV, xls files, Amazon (sales) Tax list is sufficient for sellers on Amazon.

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