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We are looking for an independent (chief/senior) accountant to work from home office

A fast-growing accounting firm focusing mainly on online sellers and foreign taxes and VAT is looking for an experienced colleague (time 80-100%) who likes to work independently, but would like to manage a smaller team and take over the leadership of the team from the owner. This is a home office job, so you don't have to be directly from Prague. In non-Covid times, we can meet a few times a month.

Who are we looking for?

Accountant or accountant with experience especially in double-entry accounting for VAT payers. You don't have to have 25 years of experience and we don't expect you to know everything (but we don't mind if you know more than we do :-)), we are happy to teach you partial things (for example foreign taxes), but experience is necessary as well as the right approach to work. Can you answer yes to most or even all of the following points? Then you are the right one :-)

- you like to work independently and when a problem arises, you try to solve it
- you like to deal with everything from A to Z and not just parts of the agenda
- you know that the deadline must be met and if it is not possible, it needs to be resolved, a few days in advance and not until the deadline
- you know that the problem will not be solved by passing it on to someone else
- you like to learn new things
- you are responsible for your work
- you are meticulous and don't miss details
- you like to control when and where you work

- you have experience with account inventory

- you have at least 2 years of experience and you can create pre-contacts yourself


It will be an advantage

Experience working in the Pohoda program
Payroll experience
English at the communicative level

What can we offer you?

Work from home with remote access with regular Zoom meetings. Operational issues are resolved via phone or Zoom. documents to be processed are usually on a shared disk. We only have a minimum number of clients who send us documents physically. Issued invoices are mainly imported and posted in bulk

Support from owners and team members.

The ability to control the time you work as long as the deadline is met. Almost all of us in the team have children, we understand that there are various restrictions nowadays.

The evaluation depends on the level of independence and the work done.

We ask applicants to send a motivation letter explaining why they would like to work for us.

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