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Accounting for e-shops and


Do you sell your goods and services via the e-shop to customers in the Czech Republic or abroad?

Do you prefer to send import files with issued invoices instead of sending them as pdf?

Do you want to pay one price regardless of number of the issued invoices?

We at SME Vision work differently:

  • We import invoices from your e-shop for example

    • Shoptet .cz


    • or any e-shop solution that has an xml, xls, or csc export

  • We import invoices and other documents from


    • Fakturoid cz

    • or any program that has an xml, xls, or csc export

  • We set up the connection between your e-shop and our Pohoda or FlexiBee Program



    • other programs

The cost of processing issued invoices imported or created via the link to an accounting program is the same regardless of the number of invoices issued.

  • Do you sell your goods through Amazon?

    • we import invoices from Amazon Sales report. Read more here

  • You can upload the other documents (received invoices, bills etc to our shared storage, but you can also mail them to us

  • If you are also selling abroad, we will check whether you have reached the VAT treshold (limit) for mandatory VAT registration and take care of filing VAT returns.

  • Do you sell software or other products so you have to use Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS)? We are ready to file your Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS) return. Read more here

E-shop not registered for VAT - Price from 890, - CZK per month

E-shop registered for VAT - Price from 1.490, - CZK per month

Are you interested / Want to know more?

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